Since I was young, I have always had a particular interest for natural beauty – the kind that lasts a split second and is then gone forever, never to quite be relived in the same way again.
It is these moments that I aim to capture through my work to leave you a lasting memory that you can be proud of.

I began my working life as a dog-walker part-time along with my regular jobs focused on biology and health. As a dog-walker I have learned the perfect moments of lighting and to constantly be on-guard for moments of intense beauty that can last for milliseconds such as a deer crossing your path or a mother bird feeding it’s young. This can be related to the length of time it takes to miss a perfect shot – whether it be of your beloved animals, your family or friends.

At this present moment in time I am still learning – photography is a constant learning curve! – hence my prices are lower than any other professional photographers but I have proven myself to previous clients as more than capable of producing stunning, superb and long-lasting memories for you and your family.